Lakewood Ranch Florida Website Design and Analytics


We facilitate data driven decisions.

We help organizations find the knowledge that their data holds.

We build models that lead to better decisions and add value.

We find ways to collect the data you need.

We show you how to leverage limited resources.


Data, whether Big, Small, Internal, External, Open Source, Scraped, or Observational, should be used to drive decisions, leverage resources, and add value.


We bring 30 years of Fortune 500 and small business experience in:

  • Organizational problem solving
  • Executive decision making
  • Program development
  • Process improvement
  • Operations management
  • Capital allocation
  • Systems development
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Modeling
  • Clients

  • Corporate departments
  • Businesses
  • NGOs and Non-profits
  • Foundations
  • Local government
  • Political campaigns
  • Medical practices
  • Research organizations
  • Law firms and attorneys
  • Sports teams
  • Accountants
  • Grant proposal writers