Business Analysis

Get statistically supported answers to your organization's important questions. We can be the Planning & Analysis department you wish you had.

How can I increase revenue using data from my organization?

What information supports my decision?

We have data - what valuable information does my data contain?

Which leads are the most valuable?

What criteria identifies the best applicants to my program?

Which categories of customers make the largest financial impact?

Based on my organization's track record, which types of clients should we target?

What's the best way to allocate resources amongst project options?

What is the mostly likely result or placement of a trainee?

Which staff members are most productive?

Which documents are responsive to the case?

What key factors indicate whether a candidate will be successful in my program?

What statistical analysis best supports a grant proposal?

What are the true, (i.e., statistically supported) relationships between "what we do" and the results we achieve?

Development Support

We can help you test the effectiveness of story telling messages during fund raising campaigns.

Doing so early in a cycle can turn an average campaign into a great one.

We can perform A/B tests to find messages that help you more effectively reach your goal.

Form & Survey Design

A well designed form provides the foundation for good results. We can design pieces that can help your organization reach its goals.

We can perform A/B tests to find those that are more effective.

Internet Web Scraping

If you need to collect information from a website, we can create a web crawler to get the job done.

We will meet with you to review the data and web crawling and spidering requirements. And then develop the software.

You may choose to run the software in house. Of, if you prefer, we can run the web scraper for you and deliver the data in your choice of file format - data base, Excel, CSV file, etc.

Mobile Website Design

Mobile phones and tablets account for 60% of web searches per a 2016 report by Hitwise. Reuters reports that mobile's share of internet use in 2017 will be 75%.

We build mobile optimized websites quickly and inexpensively.

We also offer low priced monthly maintenance including plans specifically tailored for the unique budget needs of non-for-profit groups.

Optimization Models

We can create computer models to optimize processes. For example, the scheduling of staff, vehicles, equipment, or venues.

Eliminate guesswork, save time and make the most of limited resources.

Data Cleaning

The quality of analysis depends on the quality of the data. Data cleaning, or "munging", usually requires more time than statistical analysis.

Strong software coding skills and subject matter expertise are important in this step.

We can be your "go to" experts for tidy data.

R Programming

Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, think tanks, web start ups, and university academics are just some of the organizations that use R for leading edge analytics in business, research, and other disciplines.

So does S3 Data Analytics.

We also use Python, Excel and many other tools.

Sports Analytics

We can help professional, college, high-school, and youth organizations apply analytics to their sport.

While we can help almost any sport innovate, we are particularly interested in tennis, soccer, and football.